We warmly welcome ICUSTA to Universidad San Sebastián de Chile, who joins as a new member.

San Sebastián University is a private Catholic-inspired Chilean university with 5 campuses in 4 cities and 4,600 professors and 35,000 students.

New Executive Director

The Executive Committee of ICUSTA, at the proposal of the Rector of the Universidad Santo Tomás, Chile, and as the host university of ICUSTA, has appointed Roberto Lafontaine.

países ICUSTA 2018


International Council of Universities in the spirit of Saint Thomas Aquinas

University of St. Thomas, Houston


May 22-24, University of St. Thomas, Houston, USA

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ICUSTA organizes and supports projects in social volunteering, international programs and courses, research and learning on faith & reason, among other various activities.



For fostering international cooperation, ICUSTA sponsors grants and programs for students and faculty exchange.



Every two years ICUSTA members meet in different countries for strengthening personal and institutional links, reviewing aims and agreements, and sharing new initiatives.