UST Mozambique Celebrated ICUSTA’s Anniversary in a Conference and a Meaningful Ceremony

March 2019


Both events had the participation of ICUSTA’s representative, Father Alejandro Ramos, Vice Rector of Formation at the Universidad FASTA


The Universidade São Tomás de Moçambique (USTM) held both the International Conference on Thomistic Philosophy, “Thomism as Philosophy of Life,” and the Institution’s Eighth Graduation Ceremony within framework of celebrations for ICUSTA’s 25 years.

On that occasion, the representative of our organization, Father Alejandro Ramos, Vice Rector of Formation at the Universidad FASTA in Mar de Plata, Argentina, gave a lecture at the Conference called “The City of God in Saint Thomas and Today.” He also participated in the graduation ceremony.

With respect to which Alejandro Ramos affirmed that “it was a wonderful experience for me because I was able to verify the fruits that can be achieved through the cooperation of universities united in the same spirit by ICUSTA”.

Furthermore, he stated that the Rector of the USTM, Joseph Wamala, emphasized to him that his presence there in the activities had a lot to do with the history of the University because “the institution exists thanks to the help it received in a memorandum of support for its creation that was signed in Mar del Plata in 2013. In that way, the University is a direct fruit of ICUSTA, and it is a Catholic African institution that is truly inspired in the humanistic formation that it transmits to its students in the philosophy and theology of Thomas Aquinas”.

It should be noted that the International Conference on Thomistic Philosophy had the following presentations: by Dr. Anselmo Orlando Pinto, “Challenges and Perspectives Regarding a Comprehensive and Integrated Formation of the Human Person;” Eugenio Langa, “Family, Nature and Culture;” Francisco Nhampossa, “Ethics and Interculture as Values of Human Dignity;” Dr. Rufino Adriano, “From the Neo Thomism of Leo XIII to the Problems of Bertrand Russell´s Philosophy: A Thomistic Epistemology in Debate”; Fernando Antonio, “Thomistic Ethics as a Proposal for Reflection on Today’s Ecological Problem;” Linda Abdul, “The Production of Scientific Knowledge in Africa: a Reflection from Saint Thomas Aquinas;” Father Guiseppe Meloni, “Experiences and Challenges Facing the Thomistic Charisma in Diverse Contexts;” and Manuel Ferreira, “Saint Thomas Aquinas: Dominican, Missionary and Spiritual Master of His Time.”

Meanwhile Joseph Wamala, Rafael Sambo, Carlos Pedro Mondlane, Dr. Silvério Ronguane, Dr. Célio Marrime, José P. Castiano, Manuel Gondola, Sandra Álvaro and Eceu Muianga respectively lectured on: “Human Dignity and Institutional Ethics According to Thomas Aquinas;” “Ethics and Good Governance: a Perspective From Saint Thomas;” “The Ethics of the Public Servant;” “Political Realism in Thomas Aquinas;” “The Law of Author Rights and Related Rights;” “Teacher, Academic, Intellectual: the Ethicities of the University;” “Thomistic Ethics and Education;” “Thomistic Ethics and the Teaching of Civic and Moral Education;” and “The Contribution of Thomistic Thought to School Education in Mozambique.”

For its part, the Graduation Ceremony of the USTM, the eighth in its brief but fruitful history, had a high emotional content. In addition to the particular sentiments of the 537 graduates of bachelor and master degrees and their families, the act included two particular tributes: to the Patron and founder of the institution, Cardinal Alexandre dos Santos, and to its historic Rector, Dr. Joseph Wamala. Projected onto the screen in the room were videos of recorded greetings from distinct people, among them the Director of the Fundación Angelicum, Gerardo Rocha Haardt, and the Executive Director of ICUSTA, Mauricio Echeverría.

Rector Wamala, in his speech, underscored that “this graduation ceremony is situated in the celebrations of ICUSTA´s 25 years” and that “the Universidade São Tomás de Moçambique was the first on the African continent to integrate this family of institutions of higher education.” He also emphasized that the contribution of this University “for Maputo and for all Mozambique has always been and will be to offer an education based on Christian and humanistic principles following the Thomistic tradition of scientific research, academic excellence, outreach and quality service, that are grounded in ethics and the respect for the dignity of the human person.”

During his remarks the guest of honor, Fr. Alejandro Ramos, expressed that “the council of ICUSTA was created to organize the cooperation between the universities… When they work together, they can achieve many great things.” He highlighted, “I like a lot the happiness of this country. You should always have this happiness in your hearts, above all in order to transmit it to others.”

The videos of the entire ceremony can be seen here: