A successful academic visit by Dr. Alberto Labarrere to the University of St. Thomas in Houston, as part of the ICUSTA lectures program

April 2019


Dr. Alberto Labarrere, Full Professor of the School of Psychology at the Universidad Santo Tomás in Chile, was received by its counterpart in Texas, USA, within this traditional program of academic exchange, which for more than 20 years has promoted the visits of professors and administrators between ICUSTA’s institutional members.

During his nearly weeklong visit, Dr. Labarrere realized a program of activities that included among others: a meeting with the President, Dr. Richard Ludwick, the Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dr. Chris Evans, and the Interim Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, Dr. Hans Stockton; meetings with professors and investigators from the faculties and departments of Education, Psychology, Nursing and Biology; as well as giving three lectures for the academic community.

These lectures entitled: “Methodology for the Development of Creativity, Innovation and Collaboration at the University” was given to teachers and investigators; “Four kinds of Teaching and Learning for the 21st Century” was given in the context of an encounter with the student community; and “The Learning Process and the Development of Students” to students of Psychology.

Dr. Labarrere’s contributions were regarded as very fruitful and with important repercussions for the teaching and student community.  This academic experience continues the profound and abundant exchange relationship between the Universities of Santo Tomás in Chile and in Houston, with over thirty mutual academic visits.