All information regarding the recent Conference in Houston is now online

August 2019

For those who were unable to attend the inspiring 14th Biennial Conference of ICUSTA in Houston, USA, this past May, now all the information has been made available online. And those who were able to be present in Houston now have the opportunity to re-live the Conference and have all the related documents available to them.

In conclusion of the two-year long celebration of the ICUSTA’s silver jubilee, representatives of member institutions gathered at this Biennial to strengthen links, review aims and agreements, and share efforts for illuminating today’s culture with the values of Thomism through the dialogue between faith and reason.

Besides an overview of the entire meeting, the presentations of the Conference’s three working panels are on ICUSTA’s website. Likewise, the texts of Dr. Alejandro Campos’ presentation, “The Disciplinary Forum on Health Sciences” and of Dr. Tracey Rowland’s lecture, “Main Challenges for Renewing our Culture”.

Also, one can now enjoy photos from the recent Conference as well as the video greeting on behalf of the Angelicum Foundation by its President, Ms. Carla Haardt, member of ICUSTA’s Honor Council.

You can find all the information here.